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Bow Wow Bucks – you want ‘em, we’ve got ‘em! We’re introducing our brand new Loyalty and Rewards program for new and existing U.S. customers. Now, Bow Wow Labs customers can earn rewards points (pet name: Bucks) for each purchase and use those Bucks for discounts on future orders. We’ll give you the full run-down in this article, but first, the important stuff: What the heck is a Bow Wow Buck?

What are Bow Wow Bucks? 
Bow Wow Bucks are points that customers are awarded when they make purchases or take actions within the Bow Wow Labs universe. Each U.S. dollar a customer spends on is worth 5 Bow Wow Bucks. Once a customer earns enough Bucks, they will be able to redeem those Bucks for discounts on products or even redeem for the full value of an item – you heard that right, free stuff!

Outside of shopping there are heaps of other actions customers can take to earn more Bucks! Here are a few of them:
- Follow Bow Wow Labs on social media: 35 Bucks per platform

- Celebrating your dog’s birthday: 150 Bucks or more depending on your VIP status. 

- Sign up for text alerts: 150 Bucks

- Sign up for your first product subscription: 1,250 Bucks

Check out our Bow Wow Bucks Page for a full list of actions and rewards values. 

“150 bucks - Sign up for SMS. 5 Bucks for every $1 Spent - Make a Purchase. 500 Bucks - Anniversary Reward. 1250 Bucks - First subscription Order | A set of rewards tiles on the Bow Wow Labs Bow Wow Bucks Rewards page. They contain pictures of dogs and Bow Wow Labs Bow Wow Buddy Safety devices.

Saving your Bucks

You’ve got yourself some Bucks – that’s awesome, way to go! But as some famous uncle once said, “with great power comes great responsibility.”  Now you must choose: redeem your Bucks for discounts OR hold onto those Bucks and be rewarded EVEN MORE! Build up your bank with Bow Wow Bucks for additional discounts. The more Bucks you have, the more they're worth! For instance, save up to 2500 bucks and we will give you an extra 500 for use at time of checkout. Keep tabs on your Bucks value here.
Once you find your products of choice, you’ll redeem Bucks at checkout.

Note: Once a customer has reached 500 Bucks they will be able to redeem for discounts. It’s easy to earn Bucks quickly - here's how!

Special Treats 

There’s a pawful lot to Bow Wow Bucks, but who doesn’t love a VIP club? In this case, the “P” can stand for poodle, pomeranian, pug, papillon, or plain old paws. Those extra special friends who spend over $150 USD will enter the VIP level known as “Super Dog” status (cape not included, sorry). 


Members of the Super Dog tier earn 1.6x Bow Wow Bucks for each purchase (that’s equivalent to $8 USD!) and are awarded 100 extra birthday Bucks.

All of you in the “Cool Dogs” tier are still eligible for Bucks incentives. See the breakdown here:

Start earning Bucks today!

If you’re new to Bow Wow Labs and do not already have an account, you can sign up and start bringing home the Bucks here. If you’re an existing user, all you have to do is log in to your account and you’ll be ready to start earning. We may have also left you a special treat fur being a loyal customer! 😉
Once you start earning,  you’ll get access to the The Bow Wow Bucks rewards portal. This will allow you to keep track of your Bucks and take specific actions that earn you more Bucks to save or spend! 
It’s important to note, Bow Wow Bucks have no cash value and are only redeemable for discounts or special offer products. Bucks expire after one year of inactivity, but don’t worry – we’ll send you reminders to use them! 


Have any more questions?
We have more answers. Here’s our complete FAQ list for getting started with Bow Wow Bucks. Take a sniff and as always reach out to customer support via chat, SMS, or email with any questions! 

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