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Formulated with arrowroot, spirulina, kelp, and decaffeinated green tea
Supports a healthy digestive and immune system
Gluten-Free and Grain-Free

Epic Chews are the most fun way to supplement your dog’s health!  Dogs go crazy over Epic Chews because they are high in protein and are designed to enhance chewing.  Pet parents love them because they support digestive and oral health.  Epic Chews are gluten and grain-free because they are made with arrowroot, a root vegetable that also acts as a prebiotic to support your dog's gut health – where over 70% of the immune system lives.  

The Superblend Epic Chew is rich in antioxidants and, like all Epic Chews, guaranteed to fit with the Bow Wow Buddy™ Safety Device.  Superblend Epic Chews:

  • Support a Healthy Immune Response 
  • Promote digestive health and healthy gut microbiome function
  • Support gum health support and clean teeth with its textured head design
  • Satisfy your dog's instinctual desire to chew


Bow Wow Buddy™ Safety Device not included.  The Epic Chew™ is only intended for use with the new Made in the USA Bow Wow Buddy™ Safety Device.

Active Ingredients Descriptions

Arrowroot – A root vegetable that creates a gluten-free and grain-free flour that is also a prebiotic to support digestive health. Learn more about this great addition in our blog. Spirulina – A natural algae high in vitamins A, B, and E and amino acids that supports both the immune and digestive system. Learn more in our blog. Organic Kelp – Packed with vitamins and minerals and high in antioxidants, organic kelp is a nutrient powerhouse that also enhances digestive health. Learn more in our recent blog. Decaffeinated Green Tea – Green tea is high in antioxidants to promote oxidative balance and immune health support

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Bow Wow Buddy

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Epic Chews work without the Bow Wow Buddy™ Safety Device?

You can, but we don’t recommend it. Here’s why: the Epic Chew was designed to snugly fit in the Bow Wow Buddy offering the four-headed numbed top to be eaten first. This element provides the oral health benefits that are so vital to our dog’s oral health. Without the Bow Wow Buddy–your dog will still eat (and love it) but they will lose the massaging effect.

How long will the Epic Chew last?

As with any chew, the duration depends on the individual dog consuming it. To increase chew time, be certain to select the appropriate size for your dog’s weight. Of course, aggressive chewers (no matter their weight) will have reduced chew times. We conducted extensive studies and most dogs, considered moderate chewers, took between 17-25 minutes for total consumption (with some dogs taking up to 45 minutes!)

Does this replace my dog’s other long-term chews?

Epic Chews are designed to supplement your dog’s diet to provide nutritional benefits that support their overall health and well-being. The added benefit of Epic Chews is that they also offer a chewing opportunity! As such, you can absolutely rotate the Epic Chew for a chew session. Feed one chew every 4 days to support your dog’s immune health.

What dogs should use the Epic Chew? What type of dogs should not use?

The Epic Chew is formulated to help support your dog’s immune system. One of the amazing ingredients that helps do this is organic kelp. Kelp is rich in the mineral, iodine, which aids in supporting a healthy thyroid–a gland in the body that is critical for metabolic health. However, if your dog has been diagnosed by a veterinarian with hyperthyroid disease, you should consult with them before including the Superblend Epic Chew to their regimen. (*Not all Epic Chews will include kelp, so other varieties will be available for your pup in the future!) Safe use in pregnant animals, animals intended for breeding, or dogs under one year of age has not been proven. Consult with a veterinarian before feeding.
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