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Our Doggie Innovation Hub

We’ve mixed our dog mania with a dose of design and sprinkled some safety on top to bring you the Bow Wow Buddy safer snacking device and more.

The Bully Stick that Started It All

In 2013, Scott Woolwine had a terrible scare when his dog Finn swallowed and choked on a piece of a bully stick treat. What happened next led to the creation of the Bow Wow Buddy safety device for bully sticks. Press play to hear the whole story.


The new Bow Wow Buddy design is better than ever and has been thoroughly tested on dogs of all sizes. It features a bone shape and screw twist technology to keep the bully stick locked securely in place no matter your pup’s chew strength.

Our Team

To take his new invention to market, Scott teamed up with other dog lovers to create an engineering, design, marketing and operations dream team that now makes up Bow Wow Labs.

Our first order of business was to develop a simple, innovative solution to keep dogs safer, healthier and happier when snacking on bully sticks. The Bow Wow Buddy was born and now dogs everywhere can snack safer.

DOG HEALTH and Wellness Center

Meet our Certified Clinical Pet Nutritionist, Johnna Devereaux!

Johnna brings years of experience in holistic animal health to the Health and Wellness Center. Since 2014, she has owned and operated Fetch RI, a pet store in Rhode Island where she delivers animal health and wellness expertise to customers daily. She couldn’t be more thrilled to bring her knowledge of animal nutrition and wellness to a wider audience. She hopes to empower people to ask questions and make educated decisions about their pet’s overall health.

Johnna has appeared on New York’s Daily Mail. She lives in Rhode Island with her husband and two dogs, Lola and Diego.


Let's Innovate Together

At Bow Wow Labs, we've got lots of ideas in the pipeline to help keep dogs safer and dog owners happier. If you've got an idea for a great product or if you have a pet problem you don't know how to solve, drop us a line.

Check back often to see what's new or read about what inspires us.

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