Bow Wow Labs Customer Feature: Meet Sailor!

Bow Wow Labs Customer Feature: Meet Sailor!

Bow Wow Labs Customer Feature: Meet Sailor!

Meet Sailor! Sailor is a mini labradoodle from San Francisco, California weighing in at 23 pounds, and she just loves her bully sticks. According to Sailor’s mom, Ruby, their love affair with bully sticks is so strong because “they keep Sailor busy when there is downtime at home, and they help to keep her teeth clean!”

This lucky pup gets to enjoy her favorite treat three to four times a week! Talk about the sweet life!

Sailor (with the help of Ruby) was an early backer during the Bow Wow Labs Bully Buddy Kickstarter campaign and is an active friend of @BowWowLabs on social media via their account @sailordoodle.

Like many of our other tail wagging friends, Sailor has had a number of scares with swallowing the last inch or so of her beloved bully sticks. Check out @Sailordoodle’s story here:


Bully Stick Choking, a Real (But Solvable!) Problem

“I always have to keep a close eye on Sailor when it comes to bully sticks, especially near the end of one because she sometimes ends up swallowing the last inch or so whole before I can even catch her.”

Ruby continues, “There have been many times where I’ve woken up in the morning around 4:00-5:00 AM to her regurgitating sounds, and she vomits the entire end because she can’t digest it.”

We know that sound all too well, and it can certainly be terrifying to wake up to. Luckily for Sailor, vomiting up the short end of the stick has saved her from being rushed to the Vet or put into emergency surgery, but the panic and stress has become a reality for Ruby.

The Bully Buddy can alleviate panic and guilt

“It definitely puts us in a panic and we feel so bad that something that should be enjoyable is now so unpleasant for her. I always feel guilty that I didn’t watch her closely enough, but having something like what Bow Wow Labs has created will definitely give me so much more peace of mind!”

We are so glad that Sailor’s bully stick scares have not ended in an emergency, and we can’t wait to get this sweet girl her product. Thanks to Sailor and Ruby for sharing their story with the larger Bow Wow Labs community!

Have a story similar to Sailor’s? Let us know! We’d love to hear from you!

*Photo courtesy of @sailordoodle