The Bully Buddy Redesign: 4 Important Reasons Why We Made a Few Changes

The Bully Buddy Redesign: 4 Important Reasons Why We Made a Few Changes

The Bully Buddy Redesign: 4 Important Reasons Why We Made a Few Changes

The original Bully Buddy was a great bully stick holder with a cute design (If we can toot our own horn for a moment). Many of you agree. We love that!

However, over time, we found that it had its limitations. For example, the original didn’t work for every dog in every size. We wanted to make sure that every pup could join in the fun, so we took a step back and looked at what we could improve.

Here are the 4 big changes we made so that we could deliver the best bully stick holder to every dog, everywhere:

1. More Sizes for Smaller and Bigger Dogs, and Chewing Strengths

We wanted to offer multiple sizes to accommodate dogs in different size ranges. It was also really important that the product be large and durable enough for dogs within its size category, but not too big or heavy for them to use it.

Our original design suited dogs in the 10 - 25 pound range who were average chewers. The updated Bully Buddy design now comes in six different sizes that are all safe for dogs under 15 pounds through dogs 100+ pounds:

  • XS: Under 15 lbs.
  • SM: 15 - 30 lbs.
  • MD: 30 - 50 lbs.
  • LG: 50 - 75 lbs.
  • XL: 75 - 100 lbs.
  • XXL: 100+ lbs.

2. Stronger and More Durable Design

Bully Buddy Bully Stick Holder Durable and Safe

The updated Bully Buddy is made from a pet-friendly hard 100% BPA-free nylon that is used in many other products designed for dogs.

This material is more durable and longer lasting than the soft rubber that the previous model was made of. While it may still show some wear and tear over time (including teeth marks), it won’t crumble or disintegrate as your dog chews.

And even if some of the material flakes off, it will not harm your dog and will pass easily through their digestive systems, if they eat a tiny bit of it.

3. Can Be Used with Various Sizes of Sticks and Chews 

Bully Stick Size Chart

The updated Bully Buddy design is more forgiving and allows for a range of bully stick sizes for big dogs, small dogs, medium dogs, dogs who chew a lot, a little, or right in between.

The original version had a very specific size and shape of bully stick that would fit into the center tightening area. The updated design can fit these different sizes of sticks depending on your dog’s chewing needs:

  • XS: Thin and midsize sticks
  • SM: Midsize and thick sticks
  • MD: Thick and jumbo sticks
  • LG: Thick and jumbo sticks
  • XL: Jumbo and Monster sticks
  • XXL: Jumbo and Monster sticks

The updated design will also allow Bow Wow Labs to begin to sell other chews that work within the Bully Buddy safety device. (More to come on this! We’re currently in the process of looking for sticks that meet our high standards of health and nutrition for your dog.)

4. A Stronger, Better and Longer-Lasting Locking Mechanism

The updated Bully Buddy features a screw twist lock that is safer and stronger at keeping the bully stick in place.

Since the tightening screw is protected by the ball design of the bully buddy, your dog won’t be able to reach it to chew or loosen it up. That way, the stick is secure, keeping your dog safe!

How it works: The bully stick inserts into the center hole so that the bottom of the stick is flush with the bottom of the product. Twist the tightening screw so that the point of the screw pushes into the side of the bully stick securing it against the inner wall of the Bully Buddy. Give the bully stick a good tug before giving it to your dog to make sure that it is secure.

We love all dogs everywhere, and want to make the very best product to keep them safe, happy, and healthy as they chew!

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