many breeds of dogs against pink wall

Bully Stick Best Practices: <br>Why does matching your dog’s weight with the right-sized bully stick matter?

Brittany Randolph

many breeds of dogs against pink wall

“What breed is your dog?”
“What is your pup’s chew strength?”
“How much does your pet weigh?”

Don’t be surprised if these are some of the questions our customer service team asks you when you inquire about the best size Bully Buddy and bully sticks for your dog. Why do we care so much about how much your dog weighs, you ask?

Glad you asked. You see, the weight of your pup determines what size Bully Buddy is a best fit, and what size bully stick will best fit your Bully Buddy. Matching your dog’s weight with the right size bully stick is important for two main reasons: safety and health.

Safety, First


Bully sticks come in a wide range of sizes and shapes. From super skinny, all the way up to extra thick jumbo, there is something to chew on for everyone. In order to make sure you are keeping your pet as safe as possible, don’t give your dog a bully stick that is too big or too small for their weight and/or chew strength.

For example, a dog that weighs 100 lbs can likely swallow a skinny stick whole which could cause a bowel obstruction, or even choking. A jumbo stick will be too big for a little chihuahua. Not only is it too big of a snack for little ones, it could hurt their gums or break their teeth.

Aside from always using a snacking safety device like the Bully Buddy, be sure you are giving your pup a stick that is a safe size for their weight range. You can find a size chart here, to get you started.

Watch the Waistline


Bully sticks can have a positive or negative impact on your pet depending upon the snacking habits you set. Bully sticks are pure beef protein, which means they offer a significant source of calories. While the calories are “good” because they come from protein rather than fillers, most bully sticks range between 10-20 calories per inch depending on the thickness of the stick.

So you can see why you wouldn’t want to give your 10-lb chihuahua a jumbo stick - it would max out their daily calorie intake in just a few inches!

Bully Stick Benefits

Take our advice and feed your pup the right sized bully sticks a few times a week - the health benefits are abundant!

Right sized sticks can:

  • Promote dental health by scraping plaque and tartar off your dog’s teeth and gums
  • Be more easily digested than other rawhide type chews
  • Promote a healthy coat, strong muscles and brain function
  • Deliver vitamins such as calcium and magnesium
  • Serve as a high-protein, low-fat daily snack

    So be choosy! When it comes to bully sticks - size matters!

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