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Our Bully Sticks are Low-Odor - Why This Matters

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At Bow Wow Labs, one of our top priorities is providing our customers with the best quality bully sticks that are not too big or too small for your Bully Buddy. Not all products that are sold on the market are made with the high standards that we have in place. So what is one of the reasons why our bully sticks are the best? They are low-odor!  

Some bully sticks have a strong odor caused by excess moisture that can be unpleasant, making your dog’s breath stink and causing you to gasp at the thought of those slobbery morning kisses.

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What causes bully sticks to have a strong odor?

The odor of the sticks is related to the amount of moisture in them. The difference between a pack of bully sticks with a strong odor and the Bow Wow Labs low-odor sticks is the drying process. Sticks with strong odor have not been dried or baked long enough to release excess moisture. This causes the moisture to be released when your dog starts to chew on the Bully Stick.

What is the Bow Wow Labs' bully stick drying process?

Bow Wow Labs bully sticks have a three-step process that contributes to their low-odor nature:

  • They are hung to dry allowing excess moisture to evaporate
  • They are thoroughly cleaned to remove bacteria that can cause strong odors
  • They are baked in an oven at a high temperature so that you don’t have to worry about their scent lingering on your pet's breath or anywhere in your home!

I’ve seen bully sticks that are marked as “no odor,” what does this mean?

We are glad you asked! Bully sticks are an animal by-product, so naturally, they are going to have a smell to them. Sticks that are marked as “no odor” sticks are usually not completely odor free.

Some have added chemicals such as formaldehyde and bleach that mask the natural smell. Not to mention these sticks are more processed and are not as tasty for your treat-deserving pup!

Our low-odor promise

Along with our longer drying process, thorough cleaning and baking at high temperatures, Bow Wow Labs' bully sticks also have no added chemicals, no dyes, and no artificial colors.

Our top priority is to give your dog the best, safest and tastiest bully sticks for their Bully Buddy!

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