Celebrate Mother's Day with a Paw-print Bouquet

Celebrate Mother's Day with a Paw-print Bouquet

Celebrate Mother's Day with a Paw-print Bouquet

We are here to show you how to make a special gift for the “mom” in your life (kudos if you make this awesome present for yourself!) Not only will you love the bonding time with your pup but you’ll have a piece of art that’s priceless. Plus, it’s a lot of fun and super easy, too!

What you’ll need:

  1. Non-toxic, washable finger paint
  2. A blank canvas
  3. Paint brushes
  4. A palette (we used disposable, recycled paper plates)
  5. A wet towel
  6. Yummy treats!
  7. Your camera (to memorialize the event)


Step 1: Place the paint colors you’ve chosen on their own individual palettes (aka plates.) Make sure your pup is in a comfortable position and do not force them to do anything.

Step 2: Carefully take your dog’s right paw and dip it into the chosen paint color (HINT: more paint is NOT better! Using less paint actually makes the paw print clearer!) Take that same paw and gently press it onto the canvas. Repeat three or four times.

Step 3: Take that wet towel and gently clean your pup’s paw removing any paint residue.

Step 4: Now take the left paw (you can also use the same paw you just cleaned if that is easier) and repeat the above steps with a new color paint. Once finished, remember to thoroughly clean any paint residue from your pet’s paw.

Step 5: Take green paint and a paint brush and with downward strokes, make lines from the “flower” paw print to the bottom of the canvas. Repeat with all paw prints.

Step 6: (Optional) Paint a bow around the “stems” you just painted and add your dog’s name and year to the painting.

Step 7: Pose your pup with their paw bouquet and treat away!