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Our Kickstarter Campaign is Live!

We are beyond thrilled to have launched our Kickstarter campaign this Tuesday, June 19th with incredible response -- it looks like the world’s first bully stick safety device, the Bully Buddy, will be coming soon! Our incredible, loyal, pooch-loving supporters (that means YOU) have made this possible and we could not be more humbled and grateful.

As you probably know by now, we developed the Bully Buddy to help prevent dogs from choking on bully stick bits. In case you don’t know our innovation story, read more about that here.

So, how common is it for dogs to choke and how can you help promote safer snacking? We’re delighted you asked, and we’ve pulled together a brief Chewing and Choking 101 for fur-parents everywhere:

First things first - why do dogs love to chew?

Dogs chew for all kinds of reasons. As puppies explore the world, lose and grow new teeth, and learn the rules of domestic cohabitation, they chew on all kinds of things - some of which we approve of, and much of which we don’t.

For young dogs, chewing is a way to relieve teething pain, separation anxiety, boredom or stress. For older dogs, chewing is nature’s way of keeping jaws strong and teeth clean while also combating hunger, boredom, mild anxiety or frustration.

No matter their age, regularly rewarding your dog with a healthy chew treat, like a bully stick, can make them incredibly happy and even keep them healthy.

What are bully sticks?

Bully sticks are a healthy, 100% digestible, baked beef muscle treats that most dogs love. They offer hours of happy dog time, and also provide many health benefits like:

  • Dental and gum health
  • Added protein and vitamins
  • A shiny, healthy coat
  • Strong muscles
  • Improved brain function

DOs and DON’Ts for safely satisfying your chew-happy hound

Chewing is natural, normal behavior for dogs of all kinds (including wild ones), but there are some associated risks. Edible and inedible chewies exist for dogs, but some can pose a risk of choking, intestinal blockages and other serious injuries.

Follow these guidelines for safer chewing:

  • DO pick inedible chew toys that are right-sized for your dog. 
  • DO alternate between inedible and edible chews on different days so you don’t overfeed your dog or bore them with the same treat. 
  • DO try a few different chew toys to find the ones your dog likes most. Once you know, keep offering them their favorites.
  • DO offer a chew when your dog needs to channel energy in a productive way. A chew treat or toy helps their mental stimulation - dogs like to concentrate!
  • DO remove pieces of edible treats smaller than an inch from your dog’s reach. Even if the treat is digestible, a small piece of it can still cause choking or intestinal blockage.
  • DO consult with your veterinarian or a veterinary dental specialist who can give you more information on the best chew options for your unique dog.
  • DON’T offer toys that are small enough to swallow or could be torn apart by powerful jaws and teeth. 
  • DON’T offer toys with detachable parts like strings, ribbons or plastic eyes. 
  • DON’T leave an aggressive chewer unattended (for too long) when chewing on toys or treats.
  • DON’T give your dog a real, cooked, leftover bone to chew. Real bones can splinter and cause serious, instant harm. 

And whatever you do, DON’T forget to pledge our campaign - there’s still time to back us and get first access to Bully Buddy devices and other awesome rewards from Bow Wow Labs.

Chew Happy!

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