Our Expert Guide To Halloween Safety for Dogs

Our Expert Guide To Halloween Safety for Dogs

While Halloween 2020 in your neighborhood may be different this year — traditional trick or trunk-or-treating activities and costumes parties are considered high-risk for spreading the COVID-19 virus by the CDC — chances are there will still be an abundance of candy around. 

In fact, U.S. sales of Halloween candy are up 13% over last year, according to data from market research firm IRI and the National Confectioners Association. And sales of Halloween chocolate alone are up 25%! 

So even if your Halloween celebration is less interpersonal, it’s still important to remember a few precautions when it comes to the health and safety of your dog. 

So howl you keep your dog safe and happy this Halloween? Follow our expert tips to make sure that your pet’s safety and well-being are top of mind.


5 Tips for a Safe and Healthy Howl-oween

Keep paws off the sweets: The last thing you want is a trip to the emergency vet on Nov. 1. To prevent this, keep candy and sugary treats away from your pups! Store candy higher than counter height to prevent your fur baby from counter surfing and consuming toxic chocolate, dangerous sugars or other potential hazardous ingredients while you’re not looking.


Keep your dog inside: Costumes can be scary for some dogs. Keep your dog safe and out of harm’s way by keeping them inside in a space where they feel most at ease. For some dog’s, that’s their crate. For others, it’s on their bed with a favorite toy. And if you do expect trick-or-treaters, consider putting up a baby gate to ensure your pup doesn’t run out the door and get lost. 

Watch for signs of stress: Do new sounds and activities make your dog stressed? Turn the TV to an instrumental music channel during Halloween festivities and keep them busy with a healthy long-term chew option (For the “why” behind stress relief and long-term chews, read this) A bully stick safely secured with a Bully Buddy is a great long-term chew choice. 

Create a safe environment: It’s no news flash that dogs love to put new things in their mouths. So keep homemade ghosts on strings and other decorative things off the floor and out of your curious canine’s reach. And if you have glowing Jack-o-lanterns lit outside, make sure they are far from where furry tails can knock them over or get burned!

Be costume conscious: Dressing your dog up as a taco is, ahem, pretty cute—but it’s only cute if they’re comfortable. Make sure whatever you dress up your dog in fits correctly and doesn’t restrain them from seeing, breathing, or moving normally. Bandannas, capes, and festive flair are great alternatives to full costumes.

For many of us, Halloween 2020 is going to be celebrated differently than we’re accustomed to. But however you decide to do it, our best advice is to leave your pup safely at home.