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Improve Your Dog’s Dental Care with Bully Sticks!

Improve Your Dog’s Dental Care with Bully Sticks!

Bully sticks: nature’s toothbrush

Are you noticing bad doggy breath? Does your furry friend have tartar building up or red and swollen gums? Noticing any bleeding from your mutt’s mouth, or loose teeth?

If so, your dog might need some extra attention paid to oral health. Brushing your dog’s teeth is not always easy and it doesn’t take long for sweet puppy kisses to evolve into offensive olfactory attacks. Even worse, dogs with periodontal disease can be at increased risk for heart, kidney and liver disease - makes sense since the mouth is the gateway to the rest of the body.

How to freshen Fido’s mouth

So how can you keep your dog’s mouth healthier? You can start by making sure to schedule regular vet visits and purchasing high-quality dog food.

But perhaps the most effective way to clean a dog’s teeth daily, is to offer chewable toys and snacks that help break up tartar, strengthen teeth and jaw bones, and prevent gum disease.

Bow Wow Labs bully sticks are safer and healthier

Bow Wow Labs bully sticks are a safe and effective teeth-cleaning treat when used with the Bully Buddy for safer snacking. Bow Wow Labs bully sticks are:

  • the safest way for your dog to enjoy snack time when paired with the Bully Buddy
  • a chemical-free, hormone-free, low-odor, delicious and nutritious snack for your dog
  • a natural way to promote brain stimulation, often occupying even the most rambunctious of pups for hours at a time.
  • a great way to promote oral health!

Want proof?

Meet Lea and River of Pawsibilities

Lia and her dog River

A friend to dogs for her whole life, Lea runs her own dog sitting and boarding program and manages the blog PawsibilitiesNet. “I have researched everything from dog food to dental health to find the best options to keep pets healthy,” she says.

Last year, Lea’s furbaby, River, lost several back teeth indicating that the dental products she was using with River were not effective.

River’s decaying teeth and red, inflamed gums.

Searching for solutions, she tried everything and even started to use what was marketed as “healthy” and “homemade” dog food to strengthen River’s teeth. “But those products just got stuck in her teeth and made the plaque buildup even worse,” Lea said. “That’s when I found the Bow Wow Labs Bully Buddy and Bully Stick delivery program.”

“The Bully Buddy and right-sized bully sticks are an answer to my prayers. Before, I was unwilling to use a chew stick because I knew that they posed a choking hazard and I wanted my girl to be safe. Now that this safety product has come along to tightly secure the bully stick so she can’t choke on it, I am confident in feeding River this chew treat to help improve her oral health. Best of all, she loves the Bow Wow Labs bully sticks, I love the confidence that the Bully Buddy gives me, AND her teeth have never looked better!”

After: River’s healthy, glowing teeth and pink, healthy gums.

Bow Wow Labs bully sticks help remove the plaque and tartar buildup on dogs’ teeth that can cause rotting, decay and in River’s case even loss of teeth entirely.

“After a few chew sessions of 30-45 minutes each using Bow Wow Labs Bully Buddy and bully sticks, the tartar is coming off, her gums are healthier, her jaw is getting stronger and her pearly whites are showing through. We couldn’t be happier!”

Order your Bully Buddy and bully stick starter kit today

Get in on a good thing with Lea and River! Order a Bow Wow Labs starter kit, including a Bully Buddy 1, five right-sized premium bully sticks, one treat bag and a branded bandanna for $40. Your dog’s kisses will be sweeter, we promise!!