Wow - We Just Reached 100 Backers!

Wow - We Just Reached 100 Backers!

Wow - We Just Reached 100 Backers!

It’s official! The Bow Wow Labs Kickstarter campaign has launched, and we are picking up some serious steam.

We are so proud of our mission, which is founded on three important pillars: safety, health and happiness for dogs and their owners. Without the support of our backers, we would not be able to further this mission, and that would be a crying shame.

Luckily, there’s no crying today! There are so many of you who eagerly donated to our cause as soon as our campaign went live, and to be honest, you absolutely made our day!! Thank you so much for your generous and immediate support.

With continued partnership from supporters like you, we can proudly deliver a product that will help keep dogs of all backgrounds, sizes and breeds safer, happier and healthier. 

Haven’t donated to our campaign yet? That’s okay - there is still plenty of time! Head to our Kickstarter page and make a donation today. And, if you don’t already know how this product idea was born, you can hear the story of Finn the wonder dog here on our website.

You can also help by spreading the word about Bow Wow Labs and the new Bully Buddy. Share our story with your friends, family, coworkers, dog park friends, dentist, mailman, or even the person sitting next to you right now!

We appreciate your support and can’t wait to bring this terrific product to dogs everywhere.

The Bow Wow Labs Team