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The Nutritionist Is In! New Dog Health & Wellness Resources For You

The Nutritionist Is In! New Dog Health & Wellness Resources For You

Bow Wow Labs is excited to announce the opening of our NEW online Dog Health and Wellness Center. Every week, we’ll deliver expert advice and tips on things like how to choose the right food for your dog and keep them mentally engaged, physically active, and safe. Together with our resident nutrition and wellness expert, Johnna Devereaux, we’ll provide you with trusted information to support the health and happiness of your beloved canine companion.

With so much to choose from in the world of pet health, you’ll find our approach is uniquely simple: We stay focused on the facts about what dogs should eat and what they need to thrive. Your pets give you so much unconditional love, and in return, you want to give them everything they need to live their lives to the fullest. We’ve got your back on that!

We also know that no two dogs are alike. Our goal is to give you the information you need to understand the unique needs of each and every furry family member. We here to help you get back to basics with your best friend’s nutrition and wellness, so that you can keep on living your best life together.

Meet our Certified Clinical Pet Nutritionist,
Johnna Devereaux! 

Certified Clinical Pet Nutritionist Johnna Devereaux and her two dogs

Johnna brings years of experience in holistic animal health to the Dog Health and Wellness Center. Since 2014, she has owned and operated Fetch RI, a holistic pet store in Rhode Island where she delivers animal health and wellness expertise to customers daily. She couldn’t be more thrilled to bring her knowledge of animal nutrition and wellness to a wider audience. She hopes to empower people to ask questions and make educated decisions about their pet’s overall health.

Johnna has appeared on New York’s Daily Mail. She lives in Rhode Island with her husband and two dogs, Lola and Diego.