Bow Wow Lab's Top 6 Dog Choking Hazards to Avoid

Bow Wow Lab's Top 6 Dog Choking Hazards to Avoid

Bow Wow Lab's Top 6 Dog Choking Hazards to Avoid

Since we know first-hand that choking is no joke - we’re here to share our list of things to be extra careful with as a dog owner:


Drool-worthy as they might be, bones are not safe for your dog to chew. They can swallow them whole creating choking or blockage hazards, and bones can splinter and cause internal abrasions. No matter how much they beg, don’t give in! Give them a bully stick instead (with a Bully Buddy, of course)!


Although rawhide chews come in lots of fun shapes and sizes, it’s really the process of making them that causes them to be a terrible choking hazard. Rawhides are soaked and treated in chemicals to give them their shape and "puff" them up making them easier to split off into layers.


Dogs love to fetch with them, carry them around and also chew on them. But sticks can pose dangers to your dog if they splinter and get stuck in their mouth, or scrape their insides if swallowed. Sticks can also pose a choking hazard or intestinal blockage so play fetch all you want, but don’t allow your dog to devour the stick at the end of the game.


Most dog toys have been tested for dog use, but never give your dog a toy with small, easily breakable parts, buttons, eyes, or other inhalable or swallowable pieces. Always supervise your dog with toys to learn how your dog plays/chews and select toys that are pooch-proof for your safest option. Also, we do not recommend anything vinyl because it splinters.


Whether they’re rubber, plastic, tennis or fabric, balls are all potential choking hazards. Why? Because the more your dog chews them, the greater the likelihood that the ball breaks or compresses, and gets stuck in their mouth. You might be thinking - this never happens. Well, sadly it does, all the time. Ask Oprah. This doesn’t mean dogs shouldn’t play with balls - just make sure the ball is the right size for your dog and always keep your eye on them!


It’s true, bully sticks are a really great, healthy treat for your dog that satisfies their urge to chew, cleans their teeth, delivers nutrients and keeps them occupied. But the tail end of a bully stick is still a choking hazard. Use a Bully Buddy to keep your dog safer and always supervise your dog with toys or treats.