two dogs on bed

Valentine's Furry Feel Good: Customer Rescue Feature

Brittany Randolph

Valentine’s Day Puppy Love

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we are swooning over this customer story of two pups from different backgrounds and breeds who were adopted into the same home and have now fallen madly in love.

two dogs on bed

Pets Heal Broken Hearts

Mark and Linda Wolpa lost three dogs in just six weeks - yes, you read that right. Here’s how it happened:

“We’ve always had two dogs,” Linda says, “so when our longtime family pets both passed away within three weeks of one another, we were simply heartbroken. We rescued a new dog right away because we just couldn’t stand how empty our home felt without at least one pet.”

Devastatingly, their new dog died just a few weeks later after getting into some poison in their neighborhood.

Rescue is for Lovers

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Feeling defeated, devastated and lonely while longing for a new set of forever friends, Mark and Linda turned to The Kern Project.

The Kern Project helps provide relief for the 10,000 dogs that are being euthanized in Kern County due to lack of shelter space. The rescue organization was started as a special program by the folks of Northern California Family Dog Rescue to help Kern County Animal Shelter with their overflowing population.

The Kern Project is run by identical twin sisters who help transport the dogs from Kern County to foster or adoptive homes in Northern California.

“It was an amazing experience, working with the sisters at the Kern Project,” Linda recalls. “We first got Gus, a big but super sweet labrador, and we loved him but knew that we needed two to make our home feel complete again.”

That’s when the Kern Project found Sadie, an adorable little poodle mix. “We’ve now had both dogs for four years and the two are not only best friends and absolutely wonderful dogs, they keep our family afloat.”

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We Love Your Pets as Much as You Do!

At Bow Wow Labs, our goal is to make products that help keep dogs of all sizes, shapes, colors, and backgrounds happier, healthier and safer. Plus, we want them to thoroughly enjoy our products.

While Gus and Sadie are as close as any brother and sister pair, they have boundaries and limits. When it comes to snacking with their Bully Buddy and bully stick treats, neither pooch is afraid to tell the other when to bark off!

Remember, no matter how lovey-dovey your dogs might be together, sharing is not always caring so always supervise your dogs when feeding, playing with toys or snacking on treats.

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