When It Comes to Bow Wow Labs Bully Sticks, Size Matters!

When It Comes to Bow Wow Labs Bully Sticks, Size Matters!

When It Comes to Bow Wow Labs Bully Sticks, Size Matters!

At Bow Wow Labs, the safety of your pup is our first priority.

As we design and develop the Bully Buddy family, it is essential that each and every Bully Stick fits securely in your Bully Buddy in order to maximize fun and minimize risk. In order to do this, we painstakingly size and sort each of our premium Bully Sticks to ensure they fit just right into the appropriate size Bully Buddy.

We know that as parents of bully stick lovers, you might already have a place to order your Bully Sticks, and chances are a handful of those sticks will fit in the Bully Buddy. However, there is no guarantee they will all fit properly in the Bully Buddy. We randomly tested several 10-packs of bully sticks from a variety of sellers. On average, between 40% and 60% of the sticks in each pack fit properly in the Bully Buddy. That means a lot of wasted sticks!

Sourcing our own Bully Sticks allows us to put into place a rigorous sorting process that ensures 100% of the Bully Sticks you order from Bow Wow Labs will fit in your Bully Buddy.

To give you an inside look at our sorting process, we are sharing an image of the tool we created to size and sort the sticks that we will send with each Bully Stick order purchased from Bow Wow Labs.

Each circle shown in the picture below represents the diameter of different size Bully Sticks. When we receive a bulk shipment of Bully Sticks from our supplier, our team hand picks each stick and places it within the appropriate sized circles that are matched up with each sized Bully Buddy. For example if a stick doesn’t fit properly in the circles allotted for the Bully Buddy 1, then it is taken out of the pile and moved into a section to be matched with a different size Bully Buddy.

Bow Wow Labs Bully Stick Sorter

So it’s true what they say! Size matters! When it comes to our bully sticks, we prioritize safety and quality over all else. Our bully sticks are hand-selected to properly fit your Bully Buddy so you can rest easy when treating your dog.