Yes, dogs can eat blueberries

Johnna Devereaux C.P.N.

Blueberries are a nutritious powerhouse packed into a tiny little bite for your dog.

Can Dogs Eat Blueberries?

Yes, dogs can eat blueberries, blueberries are a nutritious powerhouse packed into a tiny little bite—and the good news is that you CAN share your healthy blue snack with your four-legged friend—when delivered in the right way, that is.

Blueberries are an amazing fruit that is loaded with flavinoids, potassium, vitamins C, B6, K, folate and many more. Flavinoids are a subclass of polyphenols (micronutrients that are naturally found in plant material) and are one of the highest sources of antioxidants available (antioxidants help counteract unstable molecules known as free radicals that contribute to many known long-term health issues.) Polyphenols have been shown to support immune function, promote healthy bacteria in the gut microbiome, support heart function, reduce inflammation in the body and may prevent the potential for chronic disease. And you can get all of this in one small little berry!

Now let’s talk about how to add blueberries to your dog’s dietary regimen safely and effectively.

And no we don’t mean throwing your furry friend a piece of your blueberry muffin in the morning. All kidding aside, when you cook blueberries, many of the properties listed above, decrease significantly. In fact, the best way to give your dog a blueberry is to do so in a state that is as close to natural as possible. But wait—it may be fun (and easy) to throw them a few blueberries fresh from the container but there’s a more effective way to deliver the nutrition.

Dogs lack the amylase enzyme in their mouth to begin the digestion process and break down the cell walls of plant matter - this means that it’s best if you puree the blueberries before you feed them (allowing their bodies to get the most bang for the berry!) We recommend making a frozen, nutrient-dense treat that can be added to their food bowl for extra nutrition, given on a hot day as a reward or as a special treat, just because.

Here’s one of my favorite 3-ingredient recipes for a delicious and nutritious blueberry treat your dog will love to eat (it’s also healthy for the gut microbiome—now that’s multi-tasking at its finest!):


1 cup organic blueberries
1 cup raw kefir or raw goat milk (find at your local pet store)
¼ cup ground flaxseed (Only have flaxseed? Pulse in a blender to create ground powder.)

Place blueberries into the blender and puree until smooth. Add raw kefir or goat milk along with ground flaxseed. Blend until mixed thoroughly. Pour into ice cube trays or silicone molds and let freeze for 8 hours. Makes approximately 12 cubes depending on tray size. Feed daily as a prebiotic, probiotic and nutrient dense treat!

Johnna Devereaux is a Clinical Pet Nutritionist and canine wellness expert. She is the Director of Nutrition and Wellness for Bow Wow Labs and sits on their Board of Advisors.

The points of view expressed above are those of our clinical nutritionist and supported by science, her education and experience. However, we recognize there may be different points of view or opinions on some aspect or even the premise of this article. Our goal at Bow Wow Labs is to provide the best, clearest, and most helpful information possible to help keep your dog happy, healthy, and safe.


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