Remember Me Thursday

Remember Me Thursday

Remember Me Thursday

Ever walked through a dog shelter and wanted to stop and snuggle every single dog you see and then bring them all home and have an animal sanctuary in your living room? Us too! However, we know first hand that often there is not enough space for all the dogs that need a warm place to sleep.

#remembermethursday global awareness campaign

Through the #remembermethursday social media campaign, pet lovers and animal rescue groups alike are asked to show their support for those pets that live their lives in a shelter, and create a united voice to advocate to get every pet adopted into a happy home.

Support over 700 animal organizations in 180 countries

Now in its 6th year, the #remembermethursday awareness campaign happens the 4th Thursday in September (yes, that’s today!). The campaign boosts support for over 700 animal organizations in 180 countries. Mike Arms, the CEO of Helenwood Animal Center and the creator of the movement said of why he thinks it’s so important:

“My heart breaks for those beautiful people working in animal welfare who are forced to take the lives of the pets they love. I believe lighting a candle for the orphan pets will be a way for people to let the world know how much they love them, and the awareness can help in increasing adoptions and decreasing euthanasia.”

Join the movement

Okay, so make that 701 organizations in support of this movement - raise your hand if your on board too! If you are a supporter and lover of shelter dogs just like we are and want to spread the word to help save the lives of orphaned dogs everywhere, consider joining their #remembermethursday social media contest for a chance to win one of three amazing prizes for your favorite pet shelter!

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