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What is a Bow Wow Buddy?

The Bow Wow Buddy is a patented safety device with a functional design. It's helps to hold long-term chews in place allowing dogs to safely enjoy them without the risk of choking on that last piece.

Care Instructions:

The Bow Wow Buddy is made of a durable Nylon material and should be hand-washed only. It should last throughout many cycles of use as long as the appropriate sized dog is using the appropriate sized Bow Wow Buddy.

Please also note that your pup should always be supervised when using the Bow Wow Buddy. Once the stick has been chewed, it's best to store the device in a safe location until your dog's next chew session.

Need Help Introducing the Bow Wow Buddy to your Dog?

Some dogs may need a little help adapting to their new Bow Wow Buddy, especially those dogs that might be fearful of "all things new". One of the easiest ways to introduce the Bow Wow Buddy to dogs that are sensitive to new things is to do it slowly. Take the Bow Wow Buddy out of the box and encourage your pup to investigate it! Give praise and treats every time your dog sniffs the new Bow Wow Buddy safety device. We know you are eager to try the Bow Wow Buddy out--but wait--don't put the bully stick in just yet!

Instead take a few high value treats and begin to place them near, around and on the Bow Wow Buddy--we are pairing something positive with this new item in their house--so make it fun and have some patience. After a few rounds of treats, take the bully stick and have your dog smell it, then insert into the Bow Wow Buddy safety device.

At this point, your pup should be ready to chew on his new bully stick--but if yours is still a little hesitant--take it back a step. While most dogs will be eager to start chewing, some dogs have extra-sensitive needs--be mindful if your dog is sensitive to sound and place your Bow Wow Buddy on an area rug to lessen any noise. After a few bites--your pup should be good to go and ready for some quality chew time!

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